Putting it out there mode. I expect this will be one of the last Deckhands log posts. The last couple of months have provided me with plenty of motivation to procure a more technical and safer existence. 

Being a Deckhand has allowed me to work with my hands and feet in ways I would have never thought possible. Mum; I can varnish wood now, not just my finger nails. Being somewhat knowledgeable about medicinal, nutritional and recreational chemicals I am dismayed at the amount of  toxic substances I am exposed to on a daily basis as a Deckhand. In two and a bit years my hands have aged faster than the rest of my body. In addition my body has suffered a never ending carousel of pain and scars. Worst of all my brain seems to have lurched into a state of torpor. You can see this in the dwindling creative output on this very blog.
Anyway I am still learning things and it is time to do some sharing. During the last charter I mastered the invisible Deckhand skill. Basically a pro deckhand finds things to do away from guests and then magically appears the moment they need assistance. This is particularly important when the boss’s girlfriend is swimming in her bikini. Do you know how hard it is to watch over someone’s life with out watching them?

Towel rolling is another dark art which at first glance is easy but takes some skill. A folded towel must be transformed into a presentable roll with the yacht logo easy to read. If you have space rolling towels is moderately challenging. A master Deckhand can roll a towel standing up. I will be happy to demonstrate my artisan towel rolling skills the next time I spot you on a beach or in a resort. Thailand.
In the last month we have been blessed with addition of an Australian in the deck department. After a couple of years of working with all manner of Europeans it has been quite nice to have a true blue in my midst.

I heard the Battler (one of his nick names) before I met him. He joined the boat on a Sunday night and proceeded to get familiar with the crew wine first and crew second. The Battler has the square jaw of Mr Incredible, the flowing locks of Prince Charming and the keen girl spotting radar of a practiced Lothario.

The battler works hard, plays hard and has plenty of great stories which he likes to share during our scheduled work breaks. He also has the mouth of an Australian shearer. Not since the days of Uncle Phil have I heard such choice cuss words sprinkled effortlessly across my work day. Some of his words are too racy to share on this blog for fear of censorship. Apparently I egg him into saying swear words. This might be true. I think he is just being a whinging Foxtrot Charlie.

More writing on the way. I am reacquainting myself with Bira Moretti and it seems to be loosening my fingers and brain quite well.

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