We left Qatar today. We had 48 hours to leave and it was satisfying to see how everyone hustled to vacate apartments, fuel and provision up and slip our lines this afternoon. Five months in Qatar was a couple of months too many for me. Ramadan as eye opening as it was, felt unsettling and there are many facets of Middle Eastern living that will never sit easy with me. The military build up in and around Iran has not gone unnoticed and I hope we have a smooth trip down to the familiar Seychelles.

Looking forward we should have 1-2 months down there before we come back for Christmas. I will be going to England in November for a couple of weeks and returning home to New Zealand for a month at Christmas time which I am dearly looking forward too. I also plan on spending a few days with my Sister and freshly married partner in Sydney. It will be fabulous.

I’m hoping to catch a bit of surf in the Seychelles. I’m still sober, not a drop since the Second of September, but I am hoping I have something to celebrate after I complete my course in November.


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