So the deal for the Yacht didn’t happen in a timely fashion. This means we are not going to be cruising this year. We may scurry up across to Monaco for the September boat show but that is about it. Naturally this is a bit disappointing but you know? life is pretty good.

I have a job.
I am earning good money and not paying tax.
I don’t have any expenses appart from cheap internet and gin.
I have reacquainted myself with the wonders of .
I have met some pretty neat people.
I am learning a lot.
I eat quite tasty cuisine every day.
I have embarked on a journey of wine tasting.

Limbo does rock.

The only negatives are that I miss my wife a lot and I miss friends and family back home.

The wife should be finishing her contact at the end of September I look forward to seeing her again.

My friends tend to get txt messages when I have over budgeted on my gin consumption.

My siblings read my blog .

My parents get emails and phone calls.

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