This morning we learned the different classes of fire and which chemical reactions deal to them best. The smoke and fumes from the practical exercises were at times over powering. It was during our lunch break we discovered we had a lot of soot up our noses. Having inadvertently insufflated a variety of things in my lifetime I can only say that soot is not very pleasant and makes for curious tissue marks.

This afternoon we got fully kitted up and explored on our mock boat in teams to find our lost dummy named Oscar. Having the benefit of being the third team we did get to witness the first team dragging poor Oscar up a stairwell feet first. Not a dignified egress and one that we were at pains not to replicate. Unfortunately after stumbling around in the dark and finally finding Oscar in a corner, giving him a fitting exit was quite tricky. I was dead keen to take him up on my shoulder on the ladder but wearing a pressurised air tank, helmet ,respirator and full safety gear all conspired against my plans.

We did get to take Oscar on a tour of the technical institute. We also got to place Oscar back where we found him. Poor Oscar. Clambering out a tunnel to the exit and end of the exercise was a very welcome finish.

Tomorrow we get to do the same thing with smoke and no jogging. I have it on good authority that the best smoking is done with out jogging so things should be ok.

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