Continuing my month of mosts theme. On Friday I learned something incredibly important.

How to fill the Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi’s on Yachts are interesting. They have large spill ways to counter act the rocking motion of being on water. Long time readers will be pleased to note that I have filed this information for the still active hover spa project.

Starting up our Jacuzzi means firing up the diesel generators. Our power converters can not draw enough current from the dock to power the Yacht air conditioning and the pumps, heaters ect that the spa has.

The actual filling process takes about 3o minutes. We drain both of our boilers so the water is already warm when the Jacuzzi is full. The heating process takes about 2-3 hours.

Exciting stuff but sad as well. Having spent a lot of times in spas in various states of mind. All I could think about was what a shame it was to be filling a Jacuzzi with water and not friends.

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