Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


During my time in New Zealand I struggled to think what I missed about Europe.

Aqua Frizzante
A handful of people.

However once I got back in Europe I did start remembering the things that I like. The first alarm bell was the smile that slipped out when I heard a French flight attendant say Bon Jour.

This downward spiral continued on the taxi ride from Nice to the train station.

I got on the train ok and befriended the only Australian. He was going to join a Yacht in Genova. He had never travelled to Italy by land. I dazzled him with my impressive Italiano, helped him get a train ticket, Panini and even helped him with his luggage.

I grudgingly accept I actually quite like Italy. I like the oldness of it. I like the chaotic up and downwardness at every turn. I like seeing people being really expressive. I like the lifestyle.

I like the Pizza.

Exploring Genova remains work in progress. A lot of chaos has gone down on RoMa since I came back. More about that in a future blog. Enjoy my photos in the mean time.

Famous street.

Famous street with famous man.

We slipstreamed into this alley way with a tour group and saw this probably important thing.

What a heavenly combination these two guys were.

Kick ass fountain.

Stay tuned for my next instalment.

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